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23 July, 2017 By The Editors

What Is Everybody-All-At-Once?


“The old moral, social and political order of humankind is now dead. This is the moment when it will be decided what the future is going to be.”
––Avatar Adi Da Samraj, Not-Two Is Peace

The world seems to be teetering on a precipice. We’re in a moment of tremendous change and tremendous potential: for destruction and chaos, but also for great renewal and a shift in consciousness that could allow for the greatest possibilities of humankind.

EverybodyAllAtOnce.org is a place where we hope that change for renewal can ferment.

The term ‘everybody-all-at-once’ refers to the idea that, prior to our individual make-ups, beyond our psychology, our social norms, our culture and politics, our true human identity is: consciousness. We are not just philosophically all one, but we are, in fact, one in consciousness, before any thoughts arise. We are one in our essence, one in our very nature. The esoteric spiritual traditions of humankind declare and affirm this to be so. It is the truth discoverable in meditation.

The phrase “everybody-all-at-once” comes from Adi Da’s book Not-Two Is Peace, and this site pays tribute to the unifying wisdom of that book, which we’ll be exploring in myriad ways. EAAO has no religious affiliation and we advocate no religion, no politics, and no point-of-view in particular. Our editors all agree that religious provincialism, and provincialism of any kind, is one of the many things that prevents the true incarnation of everybody-all-at-once as a working principle. EAAO is not a social movement. It is a collaborative and relational space where we “leave our flags at the door.”

Instead of another point-of-view venture, this site is about what unites us: heart, humor, compassion, sanity, the hard-won gift of true community. Life lived as a creative expression of prior unity. On these pages we aim to do one thing: connect people to other people who are working on the principle that we are literally a single human family. A family with shared and universal needs, who must act singly if we are to survive and flourish. When we truly grasp this fact, when it becomes conscious in us, then the power of ‘everybody-all-at-once’ is already present. And it’s truly the greatest power we have –– limitless in its possibilities, unstoppable in its capacity to transform the earth.

The consciousness of ‘everybody-all-at-once’ is already well underway. It is emerging, right now, and everywhere, in movements and conversations, in the forging of new connections and the dissolving of old borders and prejudices. With the global interconnection of the modern world, there may be a certain inevitability to our mutual recognition of “everybody-all-at-once”. But it’s not automatic; there is much to be done.

Our aims are simple. Through writing, conversation, video, and art we want to give credence and example to the emerging reality of ‘everybody-all-at-once’. We want to show this reality as it appears, in its many forms all over the world. We want to highlight and cross-pollinate leaders of morally enlightened activism who are currently at work all over our planet. Most of all, we want to publish work that brings us into an active dialogue about the best ways to move forward.

This can’t be a one-sided dialogue; that’s not how it works. We want you to communicate your own sense of this intuition, your own ideas of how it manifests in action and change.

With your help, we want to make EverybodyAllAtOnce.org much more than just another website. We hope to create a place of connection and spirited debate that is itself an expression of prior unity— a catalyzing, cooperative force that seeds real action among us toward a vision of the future we already share.

With respect and all good will, we welcome you.

Editors & Staff, EverybodyAllAtOnce.org